Skin Checks

Living in South East Queensland and being blessed with many sunny days can come at a price, with a higher than average incidence of skin cancer. Nambour Clinic runs a dedicated Skin Clinic.

Dr Paul Lanham and Dr Edward Scott provide skin clinic services. on Monday mornings, Thursday mornings and Friday afternoons. We encourage you to book for an annual skin check as a preventative measure or more regularly if recommended by your doctor. Skin Checks are also available with your regular doctor.

The Cancer Council recommends that all adults should:

  • become familiar with their skin
  • check all areas of their skin, including skin not normally exposed to the sun
  • look for changes in shape, colour or size, or a new spot – if you notice anything unusual, see your doctor straight away
  • seek assistance from others to check difficult to see areas, such as their back.

The following can place you at higher risk of developing skin cancer:

  • Family history of melanoma in first degree relative.
  • Fair complexion, a tendency to burn rather than tan, the presence of freckles, light eye colour, light or red hair colour.
  • Presence of solar lentigines (large freckles).
  • Past history of non-melanoma skin cancer, e.g. Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Basal Cell Carcinoma
  • People with childhood high levels of UV exposure and episodes of sunburn.
  • People with multiple atypical or dysplastic (irregular shaped) moles who have a history of melanoma in themselves or in one or more first degree relative.