Important Notice


This practice has traditionally accepted the patient’s Medicare rebate as payment (known as bulk-billing) for consultations provided to pensioners, concession card holders and children 15 years and under.

For bulk-billed patients, the amount paid by Medicare is significantly less than the true cost to deliver the service and it undervalues the significant training and skills of our doctors, nurses and administration staff.

The Government, particularly over the last ten years, has not funded General Practice and primary health care to the levels required for us to continue to deliver quality health care. It is only by increasing our fees and relying on full fee-paying patients, that we can continue to remain privately owned and independent, attract excellent doctors, and continue to deliver a high standard of health care to our patients.

To maintain our standards, we have made the decision to introduce discounted fees which will apply to all pensioners and concession card holders 16 years and over. The following fees will apply for these patients from Monday 5th September for face-to-face and telephone consultations.


Consultation Item

Concession card holders




 Out of
Pocket Fee

Short – Item 3


$ 33.00






Standard – Item 23


$ 55.00






Long – Item 36


$ 95.00







You will be required to pay the fee in full, and we will then submit the claim to Medicare, on your behalf, at the same time. Medicare pays the rebate amount for your consultation to the bank account you have linked with Medicare within 24 hours, leaving you out of pocket for the difference.

We will continue to accept the Medicare rebate for children 15 years of age and under, Department of Veterans’ Affairs cardholders and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients with a current NCACCH card.

If you are suffering financial hardship, you should discuss this with your doctor during your consultation. Our doctors are able to use their discretion regarding fees.

Please Note:  These fees apply to consultations for concession card holders. Please refer to our fee list displayed in our waiting rooms or our website fees page for a full list of our fees.


  Standard Fees

Brief Consultation

Monday – Saturday (Rebate $18.20)               $ 50

Standard Consultation

Monday – Saturday (Rebate $39.75)               $ 80

Long Consultation

Monday – Saturday (Rebate $76.95)              $120

Extended Consultation

Monday – Saturday (Rebate $113.30)           $160

Concession Fees

Brief Consultation

Monday – Saturday (Rebate $18.20)               $ 33

Standard Consultation

Monday – Saturday (Rebate $39.75)               $ 55

Long Consultation

Monday – Saturday (Rebate $76.95)               $ 95

Extended Consultation

Monday – Saturday (Rebate $113.30)             $135

Consultations for children 15 years of age and under, DVA patients, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients with a current NCACCH card and selected nurse appointments are bulk billed.

We are a private billing practice.

We have a reduced fee for pensioners and other concession card holders.

Additional Fees
A fee will apply for various procedures, including plaster casting and dressings, iron infusions etc. Including but not limited to:


INR (if doctor appointment required)                        $ 10

Excision/Suture Packs                                      $ 25 to $ 50

Hyfrecator Treatment                                                    $ 50

Facility / Nurse Triage                                                   $ 10

Dressing Packs                                                    $ 5 to $ 10

Non-Attendance Fee                                                     $ 30

Payment is required at the time of service.

Payment can be made by EFTPOS or cash

This list is provided as a guide, however, it is not exhaustive.

Our staff will be happy to provide you with an estimate of fees for services not listed above.

Fee Information

Australian Medical Association’s Recommended Fees

Our fees are below the Australian Medical Association’s recommended fees. The AMA reviews these fees each year and publishes a schedule of what it considers to be the reasonable costs of providing a quality GP service.

At Nambour, Woombye and Palmwoods Clinics, our fees cover the cost of providing you with a high-quality healthcare service, practice nurses and reception staff who are committed to ongoing professional development. They also cover the provision of a purpose-built medical facility, as well as accreditation costs, medical equipment & consumables, rent, insurances, utilities, IT systems, and an integrated suite of comprehensive patient communications.

Payment and Medicare Rebates

Payment of consultation fees is payable at time of consultation, accounts will not be issued. For your convenience, we can immediately submit your Medicare claim, saving you the hassle of a separate claims process. A family can register for the Medicare safety net and may be eligible to reclaim some gap fees.

Potential for Out-of-Pocket Costs

There is a potential for out-of-pocket costs related for referred services such as pathology, imaging, allied health and specialist care.

To make informed decisions regarding your healthcare, please contact the health provider you have been referred to, for further information regarding their fees and potential expenses.

The Medicare System and Indexation of Rebates

Many people are under the misconception that Medicare provides a right to free GP services in Australia, however, Medicare is simply a government funded health insurance subsidy scheme. Some medical practices choose to accept the scheduled Medicare rebate as full payment for their services, known as ‘bulk billing’. However, these rebates often do not cover the full cost of delivering a high-quality health service. The Government’s indexation of Medicare rebates has also not kept pace with CPI, which is placing unsustainable pressure on general medical practices.

Click here to view a graph showing the ever-widening gap between CPI and the Medicare rebate.

AWE (Average Weekly Earnings) and CPI (Consumer Price Index) increase each year. Practice costs rise by the same amount. Government’s indexation of Medicare rebates has never kept pace with the rising cost of medical practice. This is why your Medicare rebate is worth less every year. Concerned? Talk to your local Federal MP.