(Coal Board Medicals)

Here at Nambour Clinic Family Medicine we have three Nominated Medical Advisors (NMA’s) who are approved to sign off Coal Board Medicals. Usually your paperwork can be completed and signed off on the same day as your medical.

All coal mine workers in Queensland must have a Coal Mine Workers Health Scheme Assessment (Coal Board Medical) completed on the approved form prior to working in a Queensland coal mine and at 5 year intervals during their employment. A new medical may also be required if a worker changes employers.

The health assessment form has four sections:

  • Section 1 completed by your employer
  • Section 2 completed by you
  • Section 3 completed by the examining medical officer
  • Section 4 is completed and signed by the NMA

The medical includes audiology and spirometry tests and other tests if medically indicated.

Please bring along any documentation from your employer, a list of any medication you are taking, relevant test results or x-rays, and photo ID. If you wear glasses or contact lenses please bring them along. The coal board medical usually takes about an hour to complete.

Our NMA’s:surface-coal-mine-transportati-1486844

Dr Glynn Moseley

Dr Paul Lanham

Dr John Scott

Call today for your coal board medical appointment on 07 54411455. 

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